The History of Creation and Development of the Enterprise

The enterprise started its existence in 1930 when there was a need to set up an enterprise for aiding agriculture in machinery and its repairs. Minsk MTS (Machine and Tractor Station) was founded.  The fleet then consisted of six «Fordzon» and four «International-6». At the end of 1932 the MTS fleet was supplemented with ten tractors «KhTP», during 1935 – 1936 – with crawler tractors SKhTP –NATI. By the beginning of 1941 the fleet was supplemented with tractors ChTZ and consisted of more than twenty units of tractors of all makes.

During the Great Patriotic War MTS was occupied by the Nazis. The work was renewed almost at once after the liberation of the region from the Nazis (1944).

In 1956 the Workshop was built. In 1958 Minsk MTS was reorganized into TRS (Tractor Repair Station).  TRS started to deal with the mechanization of cattle farms and the repairs of tractors and agricultural machinery of collective and state farms of the area.

In 1960 Minsk TRS was reorganized into MTRS (Machine and Tractor Repair Station). In 1962 on its base Minsk regional association «Selhoztechnika» was founded, where major repairs of tractors were carried out, the non-standard equipment for cattle farms was made, details were restored.

Since 1963 the Workshop of the association specialized in repairing of DT-20 tractors, and since that time a steep increase in the number of repaired machines began.

In 1965 the reconstruction of the shops of the Workshop was made. New methods of repairing, producing and restoring of details were applied.  New shops were introduced. They were occupied with restoring, producing and chroming of details, restoring of details with the help of vibrocontact plants and welding under a gumboil layer. In 1968 the Workshop mastered the producing of branched gearboxes and a power cable. The processes of disassembling and assembling of knots and units of tractors were mechanized and that, in its turn, increased labour productivity considerably.

Since 1973 the Workshop specialized in repairing of Т-25 tractors using new methods of repairing, producing and restoring details. The station was built and the engineering service was created. It was involved in repairing and maintenance service of energy-efficient  tractors.

In 1975 the car maintenance service point was set into operation. It could service 600 cars a year. Here the following services were conducted: the first car maintenance (ТО-1)and the second car maintenance (ТО-2), repairs on request and current repairs, car wash and car diagnostic.

In 1977 New and Repaired Machinery Controlling Division was created and has been working till now.  The main tasks of the Division are rectification of defects and compiling notices of defect on unserviceable machinery during the warranty period.

In 1978 they started carrying out maintenance work of the equipment of regional tank farms of collective and state farms. Two work teams were created to carry out maintenance and repairs of containers and water heaters.

«Selhoztechnika» worked a lot on its personnel training and skills improvement and provided training for the personnel of other farms. The academic building which could hold 400 people was placed into operation in 1978.

The Workshop of general purpose (1980) made it possible to increase the scope of work on maintenance and current repairs of energy-efficient tractors.

In 1986 Minsk regional association «Selhoztechnika» was reorganized into Minsk regional association «Raiagropromtechnika»

In 1999 the mechanized brigade for aiding regional farms in cultivation and harvesting of crops was created in Minsk regional association «Raiagropromtechnika».

In 2000 on the base of Minsk regional association «Raiagropromtechnika» OJSC «Minsk Raiagropromtechnika» was created under Minsk regional executive committee order.

The enterprise won repeatedly the first prize in republican social competitions (1969, 1976, 1980, 1982).

OJSC «Minsk Raiagropromtechnika» was reorganized into OJSC «Minskraiagroservice» by  merging of  the open joint-stock companies «Minskraiagropromsnab» and «Minskraiagrochimia» ( the Decree of the President of the Republic of Belarus  № 40 dated 27 January 2003 «The Improvement of Management of Organizations of Agroindustrial Complex» under Minsk regional Executive Committee order № 426 06.06.2003). The reorganizations effected positively not only the economic status of the enterprise (substantial executive staff reduction, cuts in its pay) but also the organization of partnership (elimination of bureaucracy).

In order to improve management of the organizations, servicing Minsk regional agroindustrial complex, OJSC «Minskoblagroservice» was reorganized by joining of OJSC «Minskraiagroservice» (under Minsk regional Executive Committee order № 126 dated 12 February 2009).

On April 30, 2009 OJSC «Minskraiagroservice» ceased its operations. The legal successor of all rights and obligations of OJSC «Minskraiagroservice» was OJSC «Minskoblagroservice».

Filial «Minskraiagroservice» of OJSC «Minskoblagroservice» was created under order of the board of directors dated 30 April 2009 (Report № 38) and of the supervisory board dated 30 April 2009 (Report № 2).

At the stockholders’ meeting (Report № 22 dated 02.11.2010) it was decided to reorganize OJSC «Minskoblagroservice» by separating OJSC «Minsk Agroservice».

On the ground of the decision of the meeting of the founders of OJSC «Minsk Agroservice» (Report № 1 dated 20.12.2010) on December 20, 2010 OJSC «Minsk Agroservice» was established.